RoundTable PodcastMy latest stop along the We Are Monsters publicity tour was The Round Table Podcast, where I had a fun and engaging conversation with host, Dave Robison and guest host, CW LaSart. This is separated into two parts.

Part I is an interview with me where we covered a bunch of topics mostly relating to the craft of writing, including: the work vs. the results, achieving the magical flow state, infusing terror into any scene, the distinction between “hero” and “protagonist”, and more.

Listen to Part I

In Part II we take on a story idea from an aspiring author and try to make it better. For instance, I recommend turning the pregnancy resulting from a love tryst into a strange immaculate conception and get wonderfully shot down. It’s glorious.

Listen to Part II

Lots of good info in both segments for aspiring and established writers alike. I hope you’ll check them out.