I was fortunate to be invited as a guest on the inaugural Beneath the Lake Podcast for Crystal Lake Publishing, along with host and author, Todd Keisling, the esteemed editors for the hot new horror anthology, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, and fellow contributor and dear friend, Mercedes M. Yardley.

We talk about our stories and beauty in horror and a bunch of other things, but my favorite part is the beginning where we tear a hole in time and space, unleashing a strange dirge of satanic verse (fitting for a horror podcast). As a funny aside, this was host Todd Keislings’ first live show, and it was awesome to watch him sweat as things go astray knowing the publisher was watching with keen interest. Fortunately, he righted the ship and it was mostly smooth sailing from there.

CLICK HERE to watch the recorded episode. Hope you enjoy it!

Crystal Lake Podcast