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Q Island Author Russell James Has Seen the Apocalypse

Russell James is a natural born storyteller who hits the sweet spot for discerning horror fiction fans. His ideas are original, his stories have nuance and depth, he creates believable characters that you care about. He’s written some thrilling books, but Q Island may just be his biggest blockbuster to date. Check out some of the praise his latest novel has received so far.

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When Fiction Becomes Reality

Everyone is afraid to die, but virtually no one is afraid to sleep. To dream. To drift off into some strange oblivion that no one really understands.

Where do we go when we dream? Into our subconscious? Some subterranean psychic chamber that stores everything we’ve seen and heard and are secretly afraid of.

Or, perhaps, our consciousness ventures into other realms that we assume are imaginary, but actually exist. Places where our minds can travel, so long as we leave our bodies behind.

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