Had a hard time sleeping last night. Partly due to our dog using my legs as a hammock. But it was also due to a realization I had around 2 AM that the final Bram Stoker Awards ballot was being announced today, and We Are Monsters had a shot of making the list.

Well, the lack of sleep was worth it. I am pleased to announce that my debut novel, We Are Monsters, has made the final Bram Stoker Awards ballot for Superior Achievement in a First Novel.

Nominated for Superior Achievement in a First Novel

The reception We Are Monsters has received so far has floored me. Having it blurbed by authors whom I’ve long admired, including Mercedes M. Yardley, John F.D. Taff, Jonathan Moore, Bob Ford, and Brian Keene.

Receiving stellar reviews from some of the horror industry’s most trusted review sites.

Having it wind up on several best of the year lists.

Having it optioned for film development by the producers of The Messengers, Role Models, and Lone Survivor!

And now to have it nominated for a Bram Stoker Award just about pushes me over the edge.

I almost quit on this novel. Like any other writer out there, I feared it was terrible and nearly threw it away. And insecurities still haunt me. I guess they always will. But I’ll never quit on the work. Because I now know, no matter how terrible it may seem at the time, that if you keep grinding, and pushing, and dreaming as large as you can, good things are bound to come from it. And that’s a wonderful lesson to learn.

Thanks to all who have supported and guided me along this amazing journey. And congrats to the other authors on the Stoker ballot! See you in Vegas!

Anyone interested in picking up a copy can do so HERE. And I’ll thank you very kindly.