If you aren’t already familiar with the work of Todd Keisling, just wait. You will be.

I echo the words of author John Langan, who had this to say about Keisling, “Todd Keisling is a born storyteller, drawing the reader into artfully constructed narratives that scout the darker end of the literary spectrum with skill and bravado.”

I’ve gotten to know Todd well over the last few years, and he continues to impress me as a writer and a thinker (plus, he’s a pretty swell fella). When asked to read an advance copy of my novel WILL HAUNT YOU, I knew he’d accept the task with the seriousness that he approaches everything he puts his mind toward. And that scared me. Thankfully he enjoyed it, and I’m grateful for what he had to say:

“Brian Kirk’s WILL HAUNT YOU is a vivid mind-flaying descent into one man’s living nightmare. Bizarre, chilling, and at times heartbreaking, Jessie Wheeler’s tortured confession stayed with me long after the last page. The puzzle hidden between the lines will never leave.” –Todd Keisling, author of THE FINAL RECONCILIATION and UGLY LITTLE THINGS

Todd is the consummate craftsman, a talented writer who continues to hone his skill, thinking carefully and seriously about each piece before exploding with malicious intent onto the page. His fiction is dark and menacing, and tends to explore the enigmatic depths of cosmic horror. His latest works include his collection, Ugly Little Things: Collected Horrors, his critically-acclaimed novella The Final Reconciliation, and recent chapbook The Smiling Factory.  Stay tuned for what Todd has coming up next. I had the pleasure of reading his next novel Devil’s Creek, and it’s a colossal piece of small town terror that is going to earn him the reputation of being one of the best authors of cosmic horror working today. Whether it’s a short story, or sweeping epic like Devil’s Creek, you’re to love Todd’s work, so grab one of his books today.


And if his endorsement intrigues you, you can learn more about Will Haunt You here, where it’s available for pre-order.